Saturday 7th December 2019, 10:30am to 4:30pm

Suzy Oakes

After the funeral of Suzy Oakes, who founded Mill Road Winter Fair, we were touched but not at all surprised to receive many tributes by email. Below you will find some links to coverage of the day, and some tributes and memories inspired by Suzy:

Addenbrooke’s radio interview

 Suzy did many local radio interviews to spread word of the Fair. Gavin Adam Wood remembered being interviewed with Suzy and Sam Motherwell:

“I first met Suzy in 2009 and loved her informed, intelligent and fun personality. We were interviewed together on Addenbrooke’s Radio by Jim Carrington. It was a fabulous interview and Suzy talked passionately and enthusiatically about the Mill Road Winter Fair. I have added a link below to that interview. It is very sad to think that Suzy is no longer with us, but, the legacy of the fair is one thing that will remain and the interview serves as a reminder of how wonderfully charming she was.”

“The Mill Road Winter Fair” song by Hobson’s Voice

John Rees of the folk band Hobson’s Voice wrote the Mill Road Winter Fair Song after meeting Suzy during another interview with Radio Cambridgeshire around 2006.

“If the Mill Road Winter Fair Song, the story it tells, and the sense of Suzy’s emotion, are new to you, see the words”

There were tears in her eyes as she tried to tell the story/ Of a moment, just a moment, of tender, loving care,

When a man said “Share my feast! Share my table, Brother Abel!

“All are welcome, Oh so welcome at the Mill Road Winter Fair!”


Now, Mill Road is a road that is not like any other;/ Quite unique, oh more uniquer than Cambridge Town elsewhere!

Then someone said, “Let’s celebrate our Lives of Variation!”

Thus was born, oh thus was born The Mill Road Winter Fair.


Plans were made, and notices were posted;/ Neighbour talked to neighbour – that’s how they spread The Word!

Things to see and things to do – a host of fine attractions….

Lots to taste and eat and drink from all around The World….


There’d be dancers and performers, bands of drummers and folk-singers,/ Story-tellers telling stories, weaving dreams from words of air;

And the churches mosques and synagogues would throw their doors wide open

To say “Welcome! All so welcome! Praise The Mill Road Winter Fair!”


However, when you organize you quickly come to realize/ that Nothing, oh no Nothing can escape that Old Sod’s Law!

Except, perhaps when someone breaks the Rules of Expectation,

Sharing Love, Showing Love….True Word of One God’s Law!


So it was! The Mill Road Fair was ready. But “Licence? Where’s The Licence for the Jewish Fine Food stall?”

Oh, she was in a panic, for The Jews would be excluded!

“No problem!” says this Muslim lad…”Please share my humble store……”


There were tears in her eyes as she told me of this story/ Of a moment, just a moment of tender, loving care…

When a man said “Share my feast! Share my table, Brother Abel!

“All are welcome! Oh, so welcome….

At The Mill Road Winter Fair…….!”