Saturday 7th December 2019, 10:30am to 4:30pm

How to Help the Fair

Thank you for making Mill Road Winter Fair truly special. Here are four simple ways for you to help ensure that the Fair will happen every year:

  • Send us your feedback and comments so that the Fair gets even better.
  • Make a donation to help make sure that the Fair happens every year. 
  • Send us any photos you took at the Fair for our Photo Gallery. Audio and video too.
  • Visit Mill Road again and buy almost anything you could need in our wonderful independent shops.

Feedback and comments

We value your opinion! What do you enjoy most about the Fair? Is there something you think we could do better? Share your views via this website so we can keep improving and also to support our funding applications for the Fair each year. Click on the left for an easy form to fill out.

Make a donation

It is brilliant to be able to close the whole of Mill Road but unfortunately this does cost a considerable amount. We love it that no-one has to pay to come to the Fair, that performers contribute their talent for free and that local stallholders don't have to pay an enormous amount to be able to take part. This all helps maintain the feeling of the Fair as a local community event and keep things sustainable. And we are truly grateful to all our sponsors and for the great co-operation and support from County and City Councils. But, in the current economic climate, grant-funding is harder to come by and, although generally the Fair breaks even, we do have funding challenges. So please do make a donation if you can, be it large or small. Click on the left for details of where to send your money.

Send us your photos

As well as providing a record of the day, photos are a vital way for us to promote the Fair. Photos are essential for the website, and to back up grant applications to potential funders, particularly for people who haven't actually been to the Fair yet. And the Photo Gallery is the most popular page on the website during the rest of the year. We like colour photos best and in landscape orientation rather than portrait. Don't worry about exact sizes; we will crop them if necessary. Click on the left for more details about how and where to send photos.

Visit Mill Road

Those of us who live on, or just off, Mill Road are lucky to be able to pop into our local shops every day. If you live a bit further away, do make the effort to come back to Mill Road to make use of our local shops and businesses. Mill Road shops offer an incredible range of goods and services and you will find shopkeepers just as friendly and helpful on any day of the year.

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Comments & Feedback

What do you enjoy most about Mill Road Winter Fair? What could we do better? We value your opinions so please tell us your stories and share your views.

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Make a Donation

Finances for the Fair are always tight and costs do rise year on year so please do consider making a donation, however large or small.

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Send Your Photos

Everyone loves looking at photos of the Fair. Either simply send copies of photos you took at the Fair to or find out how your photos can help the Fair and discover better ways to transfer them.

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