Saturday 7th December 2019, 10:30am to 4:30pm

Mill Road Shops and Businesses

A major feature of Mill Road Winter Fair is the participation of an ever-increasing number of local shops and businesses both on Mill Road itself and in some of its side streets. Visitors to Mill Road on the day of the Fair get the opportunity to learn about the huge range of goods and services available locally and, of course, we hope that people will return to Mill Road throughout the year.

Many shops and businesses choose to stage their own 'events' on the day of the Fair to encourage visitors to Mill Road to come inside and have a closer look at what is on offer. Some shops have special offers on the day of the Fair and some traders choose to raise money for local charities.

Traders considering selling food from premises not already registered as a food business should seek advice from Cambridge City Council as to whether or not they require registration. Occasional activities may be exempt but it is traders' responsibility to clarify this. Registration with the City Council is free and, if required, should take place at least one calendar month before the Fair. Click here to read Mill Road Winter Fair's version of minimum standards regarding Food and Safety and if you are preparing food at home then this NHS website offers some simple tips. Ttraders considering serving food are advised to read the Council's letter and a factsheet about E coli O157 and they should abide by advice on safe methods.

Shops and businesses are responsible themselves for what they do. For any questions and for further help, contact the Mill Road Coordinator (