Saturday 7th December 2019, 10:30am to 4:30pm

Thank You 2014

Each year new and amazing people join the group of organisers with new skills, ideas and talents. We are indebted to so many people.

With thanks to *everyone* who makes this Fair such a special event.


Andrew Bush and Bush Property Sales
Anglia Ruskin University
Al Amin
St Andrew's Bureau

Funders and donors

Cambridge Architectural Research
Cambridge City Council Area Committee Grant
Corpus Christi College
Emmanuel College
Gonville & Caius College
Hughes Hall
King's College
NRAP Architects
Trinity College
Trinity Hall

Thanks to

Steve Allsey at Co-operative Food
Will Baker at the Drama Centre
Eddie Barcan
Kay Barrett
Miriam Berg and Anglia Ruskin University
Kay Blayney, Rebecca Lewis, staff and students of Parkside Federation Academies
Allan Brigham
Greg Butler and Tim Willett at Cambridge 105
Cambridge City Council
Cambridge Edition
Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Cambridgeshire County Council Highways Department
Cambridgeshire Fire Service
Louise Chilvers at Railway House
Yvette Chivers and the MAP Collective
Rachel Cresswell at St Barnabas Church
Tony Davies and St Matthew's Primary School
Warren Dosanjh at Hope Street Yard
Sue Edwards and the Mayor's office
Elitian Ltd
Andy Elstub of A&E Marquees
Charity Green and Romsey Mill
Leanne Harvey at Lloyds Bank
Matt Hilbert and Susie Hinchcliffe at the Earl of Beaconsfield
Najah Hussein and Regent Language School
Yogesh Inamdar at Bharat Bhavan
Keith Jordan
Karl Lacey and EF Corporate Language School
John Longford and Simon Stiles at the Salisbury Club
Eileen O’Brien at the Six Bells
Christopher Ord at Parkside Pool
Outspoken Delivery bicycle couriers for MRWF
Christine Pearce and the Salvation Army Centre
Simon Powell
Ali Pretty and Kinetika People
Anne Prince
Hugh Salt from Dutchbikes
Lindsey Stanton and St Philip's Church
Mike Tabrett and Argyle Street Housing Co-operative
The Art Department for the brochure
The Safety Advisory Group
The St John Ambulance
Nick Welsh
Laura Wilderspin and Ditchburn Place

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Special thanks to

David Arnold
Caroline Bent and all those who helped with delivering brochures across the city
Josie Collier
Kate Collins
Susan Ellis
Peter Harrison
Siân Lindley
Ceri Littlechild
Sam Motherwell for the MRWF brochure cover, poster and postcard illustrations
Jane Mullins
Anita Peters
Frances Platt
Nicky Webb
Those who generously give up time to act as stewards or venue coordinators on the day of the Fair
All those countless people who organise, perform, dress up and make things fun on the day of the Fair

The Committee and all the above were helped by numerous others. The whole Fair is run by local people completely voluntarily. Many thanks are offered to them all with apologies to anyone we have inadvertently left off the list.