Saturday 7th December 2019, 10:30am to 4:30pm

Take Photos and Make Videos

We like colour photos best and in landscape orientation rather than portrait so they can be used as website banners. Don't worry about exact sizes. We will crop them if necessary.

The kind of shots we are looking for are:

  • Identifiably Mill Road.
  • Showing different kinds of people together. A main aim of the Fair is to get neighbours out on the street and mixing together.
  • Showing those actively involved in the Fair - performers, musicians, stallholders, shopkeepers, stewards - and how they interact with the crowd.
  • Showing the infrastructure of the Fair - venues, signage - and how people use them. 
  • Showing the particular nature of the Fair - community, amateur but still good, diverse, quirky, spontaneous participation, cold.
  • Crowd shots showing all the above and people clearly having a brilliant time.
  • And, of course, some children having fun (either close up or as part of a large crowd for child protection issues - if they are your own children then written permission to use the photos would be useful).

After the Fair, don't forget to send us your photos so we can use them as banners on this website and add them to the Gallery.